Contributor: Warren Danbarb

- -
He screwed the warrior maiden right there on the cliff. She was barely clad in her bear skin armour. He thrusted and pounded. She was otherwise engaged, she was focusing on the coming onslaught. She looked up quickly from her vantage. He took the cue and pulled two machine guns from behind him and sprayed the purple fuckers full of lead. They crumpled and she came, socketing his cock deep inside. She closed her eyes in pleasure. He opened his eyes, and traced the fan above. He was sprawled on top of his bed. He reached in a drawer next to him and pulled out the cheap bottle of vodka. His cock was raw and his ass sore. It had happened since he was fourteen, and lent towards a fondness for Hulk comics. It came and went. It was more than a dream, he could feel everything as real as the vodka pouring down his throat. The thing that really got him was he was the woman, the bear skin vixen with an insatiable taste for cock and blood. He laid there alone, wondering when it would happen again. That's why he stayed to himself and couldn't hold down a job. He took another slug off the bottle. Closed his eyes and waited.

- - -
Warren Danbar was raised in Missouri on junk food and Sci-Fi. He's had a fondness for unproductive writing since high school. He finds himself in rolling metal boxes too often, and in front of a blank page too little. When avoiding those two things he likes to ride bikes.
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